Remote Maintenance

of Industrial Equipment

Manufacturers of industrial equipment, integrators and maintenance service companies are increasingly confronted with a demand for performance and rapid intervention in the event of plant malfunctions.

In addition, their customers' operations are expanding over increasingly large geographical areas, making it difficult and uneconomical to send a technician on site to perform the necessary diagnostics and troubleshooting.

The use of automated monitoring and remote access solutions has therefore become essential to respond to these challenges effectively.

Scadalliance offers hardware and software to cover a wide range of needs in this area:

— remote and secure access to PLCs and equipment control systems
— alerts for operators
— implementation of Cloud or private platforms for supervision and customer services.

  • Industrial routers and remote maintenance units (Cosy, Flexy, Bolt)
  • From Cloud VPN platforms (Talk2M)
  • Supervision software (TopKapi)

A few examples:

  • Remote monitoring and preventive maintenance of isolated industrial installations or equipment, with possible GPS localization in the case of mobile equipment
  • Technical assistance and remote troubleshooting for non-specialist operators
  • Monitoring of the main performance indicators of your equipment and processes, on your PCs, tablets, smart phones, etc.
  • Implementation of a IIoT platform for collecting and processing machine data for internal services (predictive maintenance, reports, alerts) and external services (customer service portal).
  • Remote modifications of PLC programs or human-machine interfaces (HMI)

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