With Cosy+ , eWON /HMS takes IIOT cybersecurity to the next level by integrating it into the core of electronic components ('Hardware Root of Trust'). This dual software AND hardware security takes …

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Would you like to work for a cutting-edge company with a wealth of expertise in Instrumentation-Control-Telemetry? Join our team as a Technologist! Whether you have a few years of experience in this …

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The SL-RAT for Sewer Inspection

Based on a patented acoustic inspection technology, the SL-RAT limits the need for cleaning and camera inspection to only those sections of the sewer system that are problematic. It is very simple to …

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The REDY Remote Management PLC

Unique on the market, the REDY combines the functions of: a traditional control PLC a data logger an alert system an IoT LoRaWAN gateway a mini-SCADA software with web interface. Therefore, it …

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A Battery-Powered TORPEE-MAG !

A newly improved Flowtronic full profile multi-electrode insertion flowmeter: the TORPEE-MAG can now operate on battery power. Advantages: easier installation (no electrical connection) up to 10 …

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