Environmental Technologies


Come and discover our new offers in instrumentation and telemetry at Booth 715 of the Salon 2022 des Technologies environnementales du Québec of Réseau Environnement (STEQ 2022) on May 17 and 18, …

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The WiMo range of submersible probes allows the measurement of up to 20 physicochemical parameters representative of water quality for a wide range of environmental and sanitary monitoring …

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Water Management Symposium

SCADALLIANCE will be participating in Réseau Environnement's Water Management Symposium , scheduled for October 20 and 21, 2021 at the Hilton Bonaventure in Montreal. We invite you to meet us : at …

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The ROW (Remote Optical Watcher) is a self-contained non-contact sensor for detecting oil films as thin as 1 μm , with a range of up to 10 m . Highly accurate and easy to maintain , it continuously …

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With Cosy+ , eWON /HMS takes IIOT cybersecurity to the next level by integrating it into the core of electronic components ('Hardware Root of Trust'). This dual software AND hardware security takes …

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The SL-RAT for Sewer Inspection

Based on a patented acoustic inspection technology, the SL-RAT limits the need for cleaning and camera inspection to only those sections of the sewer system that are problematic. It is very simple to …

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The REDY Remote Management PLC

Unique on the market, the REDY combines the functions of: a traditional control PLC a data logger an alert system an IoT LoRaWAN gateway a mini-SCADA software with web interface. Therefore, it …

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A Battery-Powered TORPEE-MAG !

A newly improved Flowtronic full profile multi-electrode insertion flowmeter: the TORPEE-MAG can now operate on battery power. Advantages: easier installation (no electrical connection) up to 10 …

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