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Smart(er) Equipment and Systems

Measure, Transfer, Supervise

As an independent Canadian company, SCADALLIANCE offers innovative instrumentation and telemetry solutions. Its specialty is to offer global expertise, from measurement sensors to supervision and management systems.

Due to our unique position in the market, we are able to design comprehensive and efficient solutions that guarantee the profitability and sustainability of our customers’ investments.


Our team of engineers and technologists are specialized in instrumentation and industrial computing. They integrate into their approach an understanding of our clients' businesses, whether they are municipal infrastructure managers or private companies in the industrial products or services sectors.


SCADALLIANCE accompanies you throughout your modernization project, from advice on appropriate technologies and their practical implementation, to after-sales support for users. In close collaboration with our suppliers and integrator partners, we guarantee excellence in execution of your most ambitious projects and respect your deadlines.


The European and North American hardware and software that make up our original product catalogue have been selected on the basis of rigorous performance and durability criteria. They can be applied to projects of all sizes and in many fields and allow us to provide a targeted and optimized response to the specific problems of each project.


The flexibility, openness and performance of the proposed solutions guarantee the profitability of your investments, thanks in particular, to the integration of existing control systems and reduced operating and maintenance costs. Our solutions integrate powerful tools for analysis and assistance in the management of your installations beyond the simple acquisition of alarms and measurements.




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