Industrial Cloud Service for Secure Access to your Technical Installations

A key link in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Talk2M is the central hub for secure remote access to your technical installations equipped with industrial Cosy and Flexy routers.

It allows you to access these installations and through the PLCs, HMIs and cameras that control them, from your computers, tablets and smart phones.

Talk2M also offers automatic data collection and alarms that can be made available to your own software applications (ERP, predictive maintenance, reports, etc.)


All areas of Remote Maintenance and Remote Management of technical installations and equipment, in connection with Cosy and Flexy router applications.

In practice, two Talk2M service options are available:

  • Talk2M Free+, a free service offered with any purchase of a Cosy or Flexy router
  • Talk2M Pro, a pay-as-you-go service with increased resources and maximum guaranteed continuity through premium hosting partners, including RackspaceTM.

Main benefits

  • Talk2M Free+ service. Talk2M Pro service is low cost.
  • Easy to implement
  • Security fully supported and widely accepted by the most demanding IT departments (see Remote Access FAQ)
  • High availability and fully redundant server architecture (more than 30 servers worldwide, 3 different hosting providers)
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Connectivity with third-party software applications
  • Proven industrial product: more than 250,000 connected eWON routers in 156 countries


  • Secure VPN connections with Cosy and Flexy routers via HTTPS TCP/UDP ports and 2048-bit SSL-TLS encryption
  • Two-factor authentication via the user's cell phone
  • 4 levels of firewall configuration from Standard to Ultra secure
  • Digital input/key switch available on Cosy and Flexy for local client control of connections with Talk2M (enable/disable)
  • Possibility of activating the Router-Talk2M link by SMS
  • Traceability and audit of connections
  • Unlimited number of users and equipment
  • Means of access for clients:
    — Windows client VPN eCatcher software (on PCs, laptops)
    — eCatcher Mobile application (IoS and Android phones)
    — M2Web HTTPS web portal (with web access, RDP, VNC)
  • Number of simultaneous eCatcher connections: 1 (Free+) to 3 or more (Pro)
  • Number of simultaneous eCatcher Mobile and M2Web connections: 5 (Free+) to unlimited (Pro)
  • Data collection and archiving in temporary buffer (Data MailBox)
  • Access to real-time and historical data by third-party software applications via Web APIs
  • Routers relay function for sending SMS/Text messages or alarm emails
  • 99.6% uptime, maximum continuous downtime: 4 hours (Talk2M Pro service)
  • ISECOM STAR and ISO 27001 certification (see safety data sheet)

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  • eCatcher and eCatcher Mobile access software and applications
  • M2Web services portal (brochure download link)
  • APIs for access to data collected by Talk2M

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