The Industrial Router Data Collector

The Flexy range of router-gateways includes all the secure access functionalities of the Cosy range and offers in addition data collection and processing functionalities, paving the way for the development of advanced IoT services.

Data acquisition is done by digital linking with the connected PLCs and/or via its own I/O cards.

Like the Cosy, the Flexy benefits from the free Cloud services of Talk2M, the VPN platform.

You can easily establish connectivity with your own servers or with Cloud platforms from Microsoft, Amazon etc., via Talk2M (APIs) or directly (HTTPS, MQTT).


All areas regarding remote maintenance and performance monitoring of machine manufacturers, technical plant operators, OEMs, integrators, etc.:

  • Industrial equipment and processes
  • Energy (solar power plants, wind turbines, generators, etc.)
  • Water management (pumping stations, booster stations, etc.)
  • Building (HVAC, access control, lighting, etc.)
  • Urban equipment
  • Environment

Main benefits

  • Connectivity with many automation products, SCADA software, Cloud platforms...
  • Possible access to the programming of the connected PLCs ('Pass through' function)
  • Protocol and Gateway Conversion Features
  • Unified access to Flexy data through the company's supervision and management systems (SCADA, MES, ERP), by secure OPC UA link or Modbus TCP
  • Very easy to use KPIs (Performance Indicators) editor
  • Creation of overall graphics and customized dashboards
  • Traceability and no data loss, thanks to local recording functions
  • Change of communication link by simply changing the card (e.g., from cellular link to WiFi link)
  • Possibility of communication redundancy (e.g., fiber optic link + cellular link as backup)
  • Free programming tools
  • Free Talk2M
    access and administration VPN server for an unlimited number of devices and users
  • Security fully supported and widely accepted by the most demanding IT departments (see Remote Access FAQ)
  • Proven product used at more than 100,000 sites worldwide


  • Four bases available, with 2 digital Inputs/1 Output, SD card reader, communication ports and expansion card slots:
    — Flexy 201, 4 Ethernet LAN ports, 4 slots
    — Flexy 202, 1 Ethernet LAN port, 1 RS232/RS485/RS422 serial port, 4 slots
    — Flexy 203, 1 Ethernet LAN port, 1 MPI Profibus port, 4 slots
    — Flexy 205, 4 Ethernet LAN/WAN ports, 2 slots
  • Wide range of expansion cards:
    — Local communications: Serial, USB, Ethernet, MPI
    — Remote communications (WAN): Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular
    Input-output card (8 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs, 2 digital outputs)
  • Mounting on DIN rail. Dimensions (H x D x W):
    — 80 x 89 x 134 mm (Flexy 201/202/203)
    — 133 x 122 x 55 mm (Flexy 205)
  • Power supply 12-24 VDC +/-20%.
  • Operating temperatures -25°C to +70°C (Storage -40°C to +70°C)
  • Programming via embedded web interface
  • Numerous acquisition and communication protocols (Modbus, OPC UA Client and Server, BACnet, Ethernet IP, DF1, FINS, Unitelway, Profibus, ISOTCP...HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MQTT...)
  • Local recording (Datalogger function): 1 million data readings and time-stamped alarms
  • Operator Alert via SMS/Text Messages and Emails
  • Application customization:
    — KPIs editor displayed in the dashboard
    — Graphic web page editor by ViewON software
    — data processing, specific protocols... by Basic or Java scripts
  • Advanced routing features, secure Internet access, ISECOM STAR and ISO 27001 certified Talk2M server (see details on Cosy and Talk2M webpages)

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