Modular and Open Software Suite

TOPKAPI is a modular and open software suite that meets the needs of both traditional supervision applications (SCADA type programs) and the more recent needs of data service platforms with various IoT connectivity (Web Portal type programs, in Cloud or On-Premise mode).

An all-in-one industrial scalable product, easy to install and to maintain, it offers a unique set of functionalities (supervision, alarm notification, reporting…) and of compatibilities (PLCs, dataloggers, HVAC controllers, IoT protocols…).


All areas involving supervision:

  • Water management
  • Environment
  • Industry: Manufacturing, Process, Food industry, etc.
  • Energy: production and distribution
  • Buildings: HVAC, fire, intrusion, etc.
  • Infrastructure and Transportation

Main benefits

  • All-in-one product that is economical, easy to install and maintain: traditional SCADA functions + Alarm notification module + Reporting module + Web portal
  • Unrivaled set of compatibilities:
    — Traditional PLCs (Schneider, Rockwell, Omron, Siemens, etc.)
    — Remote management PLCs (eWON, TBox, Scadapack, Xylem, WIT...)
    — Data loggers (HWM, Ijinus, Primayer, ABB...)
    — HVAC systems (BACnet, Lonworks...)
    — Various protocols and networks: Modbus, IEC60870, DNP3, LoRaWAN, OPC, SNMP, etc.
  • ‘Full HTML5’ web server for access through all terminals (PCs, Tablets, Smartphones), without the need for specific applications to be installed and maintained
  • Interfacing with existing third-party SCADA software to offer new functionalities (TopKapi Front-end solution)
  • Management of communication losses with PLCs/data loggers (recovery of time-stamped recorded data after re-establishing communication)
  • Autoconfiguration and tag processing from PLC programming files
  • Industrial and proven product: tens of thousands of licenses in more than 80 countries
  • Compliance with the most advanced security standards


  • All-in-one SCADA Supervision and Remote Management software
  • Various modules to customize the solution and to offer a real scalability (control, alarm notification, reports, client-server options...)
  • Various PLCs, dataloggers, telemetry protocols:
    — Polling (Scada → Field devices) and Event driven (Field devices → Scada) protocols
    — Real time and time-stamped data exchange
  • Windows operating system (Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and 2019 ...)
  • Compatible with virtual environments (Hyper-V, VMware...)
  • Client-Server Solutions: Topkapi Clients (permanent and floating licences), Terminal Services Clients, Web Clients
  • Hot redundancy, Distribution of the processing load between multiple servers
  • Secure connections and configurable user permissions and account controls
  • Various solutions available for interfacing with other applications (GIS, ERP, MES, CMMS, SCADA...)
  • Development tools provided with any license, with duplication possibilities


TopKapi Vision - Alarms
TopKapi Vision - Report
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