Energy Management

The Energy sector covers many applications for which the implementation of monitoring tools has become essential.

User safety, continuity of service, return on investment and ease of equipment supervision have now become essential requirements for the design of any energy system.

Whether for decentralized production, electricity or gas distribution, or building heating and air conditioning, controlling and monitoring performance requires flexible and efficient solutions.

Decentralization of production, electrical distribution, building heating and air conditioning all require flexible solutions that provide constant control and performance monitoring. These often combine equipment control/adjustment, malfunction alerts, reporting and performance indicators, and communication with various measurement and automation equipment.

In this area, Scadalliance offers several products, including:

  • Specialized PLCs (Redy)
  • Remote maintenance and telemetry systems (Flexy)
  • Autonomous data loggers for isolated sites (Intelligens PRS)
  • Supervision software (TopKapi)

Thanks to their flexibility of use, these products make it possible to meet a wide variety of needs.

Our team is available to help you develop the solution that best meets your specific requirements and constraints.

A few examples:

  • Remote maintenance of generators and other autonomous production facilities (wind, solar, hydroelectric, etc.)
  • Supervision of electrical distribution equipment for assistance in locating and diagnosing faults
  • Automation and optimization of HVAC equipment (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)
  • Monitoring the energy efficiency of the facilities.

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