The Range of All-in-One Remote Management PLCs

The REDY range of PLCs offers a unique set of resources by combining the functions of a traditional control PLC, a data logger, an alert system, an IoT gateway and a miniSCADA software with a Web interface.


All areas regarding monitoring, control and telemetry:

  • Water management (pumping stations, booster stations, etc.)
  • Building (HVAC, access control, lighting, etc.)
  • Environment
  • Energy (solar power plants, wind turbines, generators...)

Main benefits

  • Programming tools and updates available free of charge
  • Ease of programming
  • Integrated graphic editor for the creation of complete animated graphics
  • Multivariate trend with various navigation and zoom tools
  • Efficient communication between PLCs to exchange information and coordinate actions.
  • When used as a stand-alone system, it eliminates the need to add alarm and supervision components
  • When associated with a supervision software (SCADA), it reinforces safety in the event of a SCADA system failure (direct alert to operators, interrogation of the PLC)
  • Internal logging capability to ensure no loss of data and alarms
  • ‘Full HTML5’ web server for access from all devices (PCs, Tablets, Smartphones)
  • High connectivity, including traditional and IoT protocols
  • Numerous monitoring and troubleshooting tools to facilitate development and maintenance
  • Proven industrial product: more than 100,000 EASY-REDY controllers in operation worldwide.


  • Fixing on DIN rail, by different modular supports
  • Possibility of networking the modules, by RS485 fieldbus or Ethernet network
  • Wide range of digital and analog I/O boards (I/O PLUGs)
  • Programmable and usable through a simple Web interface
  • 24V power supply with integrated backup battery charger
  • ARM-792 MHz processor
  • RAM Memory 512MB / Storage 8GB
  • Ethernet, Serial and USB communication ports
  • Integrated WiFi communication
  • Programming by configurable resources, logic schematics and scripts (according to the needs of the application)
  • Various communication protocols available (Modbus, Bacnet, Ethernet IP, IEC60870-5, M-Bus, EnOcean, FTP, SMTP/POP3, SNMP, etc.)
  • Integrated LoRaWAN server
  • Various resources available by simple configuration (Reports, Specialized control logics, PID, Alert, Access control, Camera imaging...)
  • Connectable on SCADA systems (ex. TopKapi) and Cloud servers

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