NivuFlow Mobile 550

Battery-powered Area-Velocity Radar Flow Meter

The NivuFlow Mobile 550 (NFM 550) is a battery-powered, non-contact radar flowmeter for open channels or partially filled pipes.
It also offers the option of remote operation thanks to an integrated cellular telemetry module.

Based on the same OFR radar velocity sensor and the same algorithms, it complements the NivuFlow 550 by providing the flexibility required for sites without a power supply, for permanent installations or for temporary measurement campaigns (portable system).


  • Sewer networks, treatment plant inlets, and outlets
  • Diagnosis, infiltration or capacity studies
  • Overflow events monitoring
  • Watercourses, flood monitoring
  • Irrigation canals
  • Industrial process water, cooling water
  • Measuring points with high pollution loads and sedimentation
  • Load-bearing measuring points
  • Channel installation not possible
  • Torrential or low-level flows

Main benefits

  • Advantages due to the absence of contact with the environment (installation, maintenance, types of fluids, etc.); see OFR radar sensor for details.
  • Measurement possible at low levels and high velocities
  • Accurate measurement of actual flow rate using hydraulic algorithms for various channel shapes and levels
  • Diagnostic, analysis, and simulation functions integrated into the transmitter-converter (no need for additional software)
  • Local wireless operation (WiFi) via Web browser on laptop, tablet or phone
  • Can be operated remotely via cellular telemetry
  • Flexibility in the choice of level sensor and the various inputs/outputs available on the transmitter-converter
  • Energy-saving cyclic operation to optimize battery life
  • for potentially explosive areas Class I/Division 1 (optional)
  • Can be connected to an existing SCADA system or Cloud platform, or to Topkapi software, or to the Nivus Web portal



  • Bi-directional velocity measurement using Doppler radar technology (24 GHz); see OFR radar sensor for details.
  • Level measurement with Nivus i series digital ultrasonic sensor as standard
  • Other level sensors (ultrasonic, radar or hydrostatic) can also be used; see Sensors section.
  • Measurement accuracy
    — Velocity (OFR): ± 0.5% (± 0.01 m/s, surface speed)
    — Level: depending on sensor
    — Flow: ± 5% typical; ± 2% under reference conditions
  • 1 or 2 rechargeable 12V/15 Ah lead-acid batteries (charger supplied)
  • Autonomy: 10 days to over a year (depending on number of batteries, measurement cycle, transmission cycle)
  • Alternative power supply via junction box (optional)
  • Material: HPX resin (converter)
  • Degree of protection: IP 67 (open housing) / IP68 (closed housing)
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C (-15°C to +50°C for Ex version)
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  • Max. humidity: 90%
  • Configuration, visualization, diagnostics via wireless connection (WiFi), from laptop, tablet or phone (Web browser)
  • Internal memory: autonomy depending on measurement cycle (e.g. 1.5 years of measurements every 5 mns)
  • Measurement download via USB key or WiFi wireless link
  • Standard inputs:
    — OFR sensor velocities
    — Nivus series I digital ultrasonic level sensor
  • Additional inputs and outputs available via connection box (optional):
    — 0/4-20 mA active/passive inputs (2)
    — 0/4-20 mA passive input (1)
    — Active digital input (1)
    — Digital output (1)
    — Analog output 0-10V (1)
  • WiFi wireless link for local operation
  • Integrated cellular telemetry for transmission of measurements and alerts (can be disabled)

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