Multilog 2 Metrinet

Stand-Alone Water Quality Monitoring System

The Multilog 2 MetriNet system is designed for monitoring clean water quality, especially for sites without power supply.

It combines ATI's M-Nodes range of digital sensor-transmitters and HWM's Multilog 2 communicating data logger-controller to provide a highly flexible, stand-alone measurement system with telemetry capabilities for remote alerting and monitoring.

This combination also allows the coupling of physico-chemical monitoring of other measurements such as pressure or flow on the selected network portions with instrumentation.


Continuous monitoring of water quality in drinking water distribution networks or other installations supplied with clean water (greenhouses, fogging systems, etc.).

The wide range of M-Nodes digital sensor-analyzers allows the selection of useful measurements for each application (Chlorine, Turbidity, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, etc.); each system can have up to 8 monitored parameters, from there it is possible to add other sensors connected to the Multilog 2 recorder (pressure, flow, level, etc.)

The Multilog 2 Metrinet is particularly suitable for installations without power supply, thanks to its ability to operate using batteries.
However, it can also be used for powered sites and offers the advantage of continuous monitoring in case of power failure.

A version of the Multilog 2 MetriNet can be installed on pressure control valves and then couples to quality measurement, monitoring of upstream/downstream pressures; the water withdrawn for analysis is then reinjected into the network.

Main benefits

  • High modularity and flexibility thanks to the choice of sensors adapted to each application
  • Wide variety of sensors available
  • Can be used on sites without power supply
  • Sensors connected in series: can be used in a closed bypass system to completely eliminate water loss.
  • Very low power consumption: M-Nodes operate autonomously for years with small batteries
  • User-selectable sampling frequencies to minimize power consumption
  • Possibility to add other alarms or monitoring measures (pressure, flow, level...)
  • Powerful Multilog 2 for alarm acquisition and management
  • Operates on the new LTE-M/NBIoT cellular networks that offer:
    — better communication in difficult locations
    — reduced energy consumption
  • Configurable remotely
  • Can be integrated into a Cloud platform or SCADA system


Data logger-controller Multilog 2: see dedicated page on this site


The Multilog 2 MetriNet allows the assembly of 1 to 8 measuring chambers. Each chamber contains an M-Node sensor with a simple bayonet connection. A rotary locking ring allows the chambers to be clamped together for easy assembly.
DIN rail mounting clips attached to each chamber allow easy mounting and assembly on a rail.

A flow control device is built into the cell outlet fitting to control sample flowrate at 0.2 l/min, with a maximum inlet pressure of 6 Bar (87 psi).

The system can be operated in continuous or cyclic mode controlled by the Multilog 2:

  • In full continuous mode, power is constantly applied to the M-Nodes and measurements are taken continuously.
  • In cyclic mode, the measuring nodes are placed in "sleep mode" for a large part of the time. At each cycle, depending on the programmed sampling rate, a solenoid valve is actuated to open the sampling circuit for a configurable amount of time in order to take the measurement and record it. This cyclic operation considerably extends battery life and limits water consumption to the measurement cycles only.

An internal screen protects the flow element from particles larger than 100 µm that could enter the system and can be easily removed for inspection and cleaning if necessary.


  • Available sensors :
    — Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, Total Chlorine
    — pH
    — Turbidity
    — Conductivity
    — ORP
    — Dissolved oxygen
    — Fluoride
    — Dissolved ozone
    — Chlorine dioxide
    — Peracetic acid
    — Hydrogen peroxide
    — Pressure
  • Maximum pressure: 6 Bar (87 psi)
  • Power Source:
    — Using internal battery (autonomy up to 5 years, depends on the number of sensors, measurement cycle, frequency of cellular communications)
    — Using internal battery + external battery pack for extended durations
    — Using site power supply, with back-up from the internal battery
  • Sealing IP67 (sensor connectors) / IP68 (Multilog 2)
  • Digital communication between the different sensors and the Multilog 2 (Modbus RS485 link)
  • Logging capacity: 2 million data readings (can be increased to 64 million)
  • See Multilog 2 Recorder on this site for specifications regarding other connectable sensors, alarm management and communication possibilities.
  • Can be integrated into a Cloud platform or SCADA system
  • Calibration and configuration of sensor-analyzers by portable calibrator

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  • Portable calibrator
  • Associated software, in Cloud Hosting mode or installed on your own network:
    — TopKapi Vision
    — DataGate

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