More than a Flowmeter, a Multi-Sensors Station

The BubbleFLO2 bubble flowmeter is designed for level measurements and flow calculation in open channels, sewage treatment plants, sewage networks...

The BubbleFLO2 integrates its own air generator; it is unique due to its ability to communicate over a cellular network and to add external sensors, such as the DVP Doppler sensor, rain gauges or physico-chemical sensors.

It is part of the Hydreka instrumentation family and can be operated by WinFluid NG and WebFluid software.


The BubbleFLO2 flowmeter is mainly used for the following applications:

  • Diagnosis of wastewater networks and natural environments
  • Self-monitoring of wastewater treatment plants
  • Control and regulatory monitoring of urban and industrial wastewater discharges in open channels
  • Any other flow measurement in difficult environment (fouling, temperature gradient, foam...)
  • Installation on weirs, gauging channels...

Main benefits

  • Minimally influenced by environmental constraints (foams, debris, turbulence, silting...)
  • Measuring cell is not in contact with the liquid
  • Possibility to add sensors on the same central unit (Doppler, physico-chemical, rain gauge, level detector...)
  • Automatic sampler control
  • Fine control of bubbling for precise monitoring of the measurement, regardless of the variation in height
  • Integrated hydraulic level to flow rating tables
  • Can be used without software, via integrated screen and keyboard
  • Can be used as a fixed station (powered) and stand-alone portable station (battery-powered).
  • Can be used with Hydreka overflow shutters, Venturi channels, Parshall channels etc.
  • Integrated cellular communication with remote reprogramming capabilities
  • Compatible with SCADA software or other platforms, including TopKapi
  • Compatible with Hydreka water data management software (WinFluid NG, WebFluid NG)



  • Hydrostatic bubble pressure sensor
  • Measuring range 0-1 m (0-10 m optional)
  • Accuracy: 0.1% of full scale, temperature compensated
  • Resolution: 0.1 mm
  • Purging: automatic at startup, every 6 hours and in case of blockage of the bubbling rod
  • Maximum tube length: 30 m
  • Tracking velocity:
    — 14 cm/min in 10 m of 4/6 mm tube
    — 9 cm/min in 30 m of 4/6 mm tube
  • Additional inputs and outputs:
    — 2 inputs for status and counting up to 64 Hz (rain gauges, detectors, counters...)
    — 1 digital input RS485 Modbus RTU (DVP sensor, physico-chemical sensors...)
    — 2 relay outputs (sampler control, alarms...)


  • Internal data loggers: 128 MB (2 million measurements, 255 files)
  • Configurable recording frequency (5 sec to 24 h)


  • Integrated 4G cellular modem
  • Data transmission via FTP/FTPS, on demand or according to configurable cycles
  • Configurable remotely
  • USB port for programming and local backup


  • 3.6'' LCD display and 4-button multifunction keypad
  • Materials: ABS case, military metal connectors
  • Operating temperature: 0 to +50°C (32 to +122°F)
  • IP65 sealing level
  • Dimensions 305x270x194 mms. Weight 5.3 kg (with battery)


  • Internal battery 12VDC/7Ah, autonomy of 1 month in bubble function
  • External power supply available (12 VDC)

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