Non-Contact Radar Area-Velocity Flowmeter

The Raven-Eye is a non-contact radar flowmeter for open channels, incorporating advanced analysis and processing algorithms to provide high measurement accuracy, even under difficult flow conditions.


  • Flow measurements in networks and inlet/outlet of wastewater treatment plant
  • Diagnosis, infiltration or capacity studies
  • Tracking and recording of spills
  • Industrial process water, cooling water
  • Stream flow measurement and flood monitoring

Main benefits

  • No contact with the effluent
  • No maintenance
  • Suitable for all media: wastewater, corrosive liquids, high temperatures, etc.
  • Measurement unaffected by turbidity
  • Large velocity range (bi-directional): +/- 8cm/sec to +/- 9 m/sec
  • Measurement of low water levels (a few millimeters)
  • Can be combined with our submerged Doppler for continuity of measurements in case of overload (DVP/MainFLO product)
  • Stationary (powered) and portable (battery-powered) versions
  • Digital connection (Modbus) or 4-20 mA/Pulses


  • Bidirectional velocity measurement by non-contact Doppler Radar technology
  • Level measurement by Ultrasonic sensor, Radar sensor or other (combined or remote)
  • Spectral analysis of the velocity distribution for the calculation of the mean velocity on the wetted surface
  • Velocity accuracy: +/- 0.5 %; level accuracy: according to sensor
  • 32768 points analyzed per measurement
  • Built-in self-learning function for optimal calculation of average velocity
  • Full IP68 seal (no gasket, no screws)
  • Rugged polyurethane cable and housing
  • Available in Ex certified version (Class I / Zone 1)
  • Transmitter-Display IFQ Monitor, with data logger function
  • Can be used with any PLC or telemetry system, directly or via IFQ Monitor
  • 2-year warranty, extendable to 5 years

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Raven-Eye ATEX
Raven-Eye - Montage permanent
Raven-Eye One time entry and Level Sensor
Raven-Eye, South Tyrol Italy
Raven-Eye, South Tyrol Italy
Raven-Eye, Spain
Raven-Eye, Turkey
Raven-Eye, Belgium
Raven-Eye, Thailand
Raven-Eye, Belgium
Raven-Eye, Germany
Raven-Eye, Belgium
Raven-Eye, United Kingdom
Raven-Eye, Belgium
Raven-Eye, Danmark
Raven-Eye, Portugal
Raven-Eye, Switzerland
Raven-Eye, Belgium
Raven-Eye, Danmark
Raven-Eye, Switzerland
Raven-Eye, Netherlands
Raven-Eye, Israel
Raven-Eye, Norway
Raven-Eye, Iran
Raven-Eye, United Kingdom
Raven-Eye, Bahrain
Raven-Eye, Ireland
Raven-Eye, France
Raven-Eye, USA
Raven-Eye, Vietnam
Raven-Eye, Germany
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