Intelligens Flow

Communicating Doppler Area-Velocity Flowmeter

The Intelligens Flow flowmeter is designed for flow measurement in open channels under free surface flow conditions.

It is based on the DVP submerged Doppler velocity sensor, and exploits its advanced signal processing capabilities, as well as the Intelligens communicating data logger.

In comparison to the MainFLO product intended for measurement campaigns with manual readings on site, the Intelligens Flow allows for automatic transmission of measurements and possibly alarms by telemetry.

The Intelligens Flow can be used in battery mode, or can be connected to a power supply, for temporary or permanent installations.


Flow measurements on open channels:

  • Sewerage and stormwater networks for permanent measurements or diagnostic campaigns, infiltration or capacity studies
  • Water treatment plant inlet/outlet
  • Tracking and recording of spills
  • Irrigation channels
  • Rivers for flood monitoring and flood prevention
  • Verification of existing flowmeters

Main benefits

  • Integrates algorithms to evaluate the quality of the measurement
  • Measurement of low water levels (15 to 20 millimeters above the DVP sensor)
  • Large velocity range (bi-directional): +/- 1 cm/sec to +/- 5 m/sec
  • Suitable for measuring infiltrations, through its signal quality on low velocities
  • Flexibility in the choice of level sensors and the possible addition of other measurements
  • Integrates the advanced telemetry features of Intelligens (alerts, remote configuration ...)
  • ATEX/IECEx certification for potentially explosive areas (Class I / Zone 0)



  • Bidirectional velocity measurement by immersed Doppler technology
  • Spectral analysis of the velocity distribution for the calculation of the mean velocity on the wetted surface
  • Height measurement through immersed piezometric sensor; optional use of the digital ultrasonic sensor Sonicsens 3
  • Piezometric sensor: 0-150 mBar or 0-350 mBar; other ranges available
  • Atmospheric pressure compensation box with desiccant
  • Velocity accuracy: ± 2% of the read value for V ≥0.5m/s; ± 0.01 m/s for V<0.5m/s
  • Accuracy of the piezo level sensor: 0.1% PE
  • Temperature measurement through integrated sensor
  • Possibility of adding additional sensors: rain gauges, fleets, physico-chemical sensors...


  • Logging capacity: 2 million timestamped data readings
  • Configurable sampling rate (5 sec to 24h), with possible acceleration during alarms
  • Programmable locally via USB cable (IDT software provided) or remotely from Datagate platform.


  • Integrated cellular modem LTE-M/NBIoT
  • Data and alarm transmission through Data IP and backup via SMS


  • See sensor and recorder characteristics on their product pages.
  • Dimensions of the 316 stainless steel-stand (H x W x D): 496.1 x 227 x 167.7 mm
  • Operating Temperatures: -20°C to +60°C
  • Powered by internal batteries and, if desired, external packs (more frequent communications)
  • Possibility of primary power supply by 12V source (batteries used as backup in this case)
  • IP68 waterproof (submersible)
  • Certification ATEX/IECEx Class I / Zone 0

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