Fluidion Drone

First onboard laboratory for complete analysis of aquatic environments

The Fluidion® Drone is a portable and remotely operated navigational platform that can perform bathymetry and physicochemical measurements, acquire certified representative samples, at the surface or depth, and analyze water for remote pollution sources identification.

This drone collects geolocalized sensor data in real time to map microbiological (E. coli, enterococci), chemical (nitrate, ammonium, pH) and physical (temperature, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, multi-wavelength fluorescence) characteristics of aquatic environments.

Equipped with water depth sensing and real-time vidéo for safe maneuvering in hard-to-reach areas, and powerful thrusters for fast mission deployment in lakes, rivers and coastal waters, it offers four hours of continuous running time and two kilometers of operational distance.

The Fluidion® Drone thus greatly simplifies complex water sampling and analysis of aquatic environments


The Fluidion® Drone can be used for multiple applications related to aquatic environments:

  • high resolution bacterial monitoring of bathing sites and other sensitive areas
  • real time detection and localization of pollution / risk assessment tool
  • nutrients concentration and gradient measurements
  • measurements and observations of biodiversity in sensitive environments
  • current and dispersion mapping, dynamics studies
  • rapid bathymetry mapping (depth and relief measurements) and depth profiling

Several payloads and a wide range of sensors and instruments are available, allowing the user to configure and transform the Fluidion® Drone into a custom multifunctional tool for environmental analysis, adaptable to specific aquatic monitoring needs.

Main benefits

Whatever the environment or application of interest, the Fluidion® Drone proves itself as a versatile measurement and acquisition tool:

  • the on-board GPS and compass allow waypoint navigation and precise positioning for sampling and analysis
  • the ultrasonic depth sensor allows rapid bathymetry measurements
  • an optional winch and depth profiler provides additional measurement and sampling capability at various depths
  • the onboard RS-14V sampler provides certified 100% representative samples
  • a wide range of sensors and instruments allow to meet the specific needs of each project.


  • Dimensions: L : 180cm, W: 82cm
  • Weight: 30 - 60kg (configuration dependent)
  • Propulsion / Maneuvering: 4 thrusters w/ rudder (standard) / 6 thrusters w/ rudder (option)
  • Autonomy: up to 4 hours (continuous), 2km operating distance
  • Control: digital radio (spread spectrum), line of sight: 2000m (in free field)
  • Communication: spread spectrum radio/telemetry
  • Video feed: 5.8GHz camera, smartphone
  • Batteries: Li-ion rechargeable battery pack
  • Positioning: GPS, compass, waypoint navigation
  • Depth Profiler (option): measurement and sampling 0 to 3 meters (standard)
  • Sampling module (option): RS-14V Drone Model, up to 14 samples (250ml, 500ml)
  • Microbiological analysis (option): ALERT LAB field portable unit (E.coli, total coliforms / enterococci)
  • Chemistry module (option): eCHEM Drone ANALYZER (PO4, NO2, NO3, NH4, pH, UV)
  • Bathymetry (option): Ultrasonic Depth Sounder (30m)
  • Multiparameter probes (option): To, DO, fDOM, pH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity, chlorophyll, phycocyanine, nitrate, ammonium

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Fluidion Drone
Fluidion Drone
Fluidion Drone
Fluidion Drone
Fluidion Drone
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