A compact, robust and remotely-controlled surface sampling system

Autonomous and communicating, the RS-14V sampler collects 14 samples of 250 ml thanks to an internal mini vacuum pump, in harsh environments and under the most unforgiving weather conditions. Highly resistant to impacts, it can be used near a shoreline, attached to a buoy in a pond or deployed from a vessel.

A unique sampling path and a one-way check valve ensure consistent and uncontamined sampling every time. Validated by independent laboratories, samples taken with RS-14V are equivalent to the standardized manual sampling performed by a trained technician.

The RS-14V sampler can be:

  • Activated on demand from a cell phone through a simple SMS.
  • Easily pre-programmed from a mobile phone (SMS) or a computer USB port.
  • Automatically triggered with external sensors (optional).

Because of its exceptional battery life, it can be deployed for long periods of time (from 6 weeks to 6 months).


The RS-14V sampler is a reliable sampling tool for the most diverse applications:

  • Pollution and spill monitoring
  • Recreational water quality monitoring
  • Monitoring of wastewater effluents, storm sampling, tidal events
  • Source water testing
  • Phytoplankton blooms monitoring
  • Microbiological research
  • Ocean sciences and limnology research.

Main benefits

  • Consistent, uncontaminated sampling through a single sampling path and one-way check valve
  • Isolation of the sample after collection
  • Utilization near a shoreline, attached to a buoy in a pond or deployed from a vessel
  • Communicating and remotely controllable tool
  • Pre-programmable for time-series sampling
  • Possible control of external sensors (optional)
  • Impact resistant instrument, robust design
  • Simple field maintenance


  • Dimensions: L: 92cm (36"), D: 25cm (10")
  • Weight: 15kg (33lbs)
  • Sample trigger: On demand, pre-programmed, inline sensor (optional)
  • Body Materials: PVC, PMMA, Acetal, SST 316L, glass
  • Battery type: internal, Li-Ion rechargeable
  • Number of samples: 14
  • Sample volume: 250mL (standard)
  • Container: glass, plastic (optional)
  • Communication: GSM/GPRS, USB, secure Web interface (optional)
  • Antenna: internal (surface), external (optional)
  • Autonomy: 6 weeks to 6 months depending on operational mode

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RS-14V Sampler