The world's smallest handheld E. coli analyzer

ALERT One is a standalone, portable analyzer for rapid E. coli quantification in manually collected samples. Palm-sized, this rugged field equipment greatly simplifies measurements by minimally trained personnel.

ALERT One performs automatic incubation, optical monitoring (multispectral absorbance, and fluorescence), and signal analysis, providing rapid E. coli, total/fecal coliforms, and enterococci measurements that are displayed on a small, integrated screen.

Measurements stored in the device can then be exported via USB-C port.

While traditional methods bring samples to the lab, ALERT One brings the lab to the samples. Thus, it greatly optimizes the process by:

  • eliminating the need for sample refrigeration during transport (prior to standard laboratory measurements) and reducing errors due to sample degradation;
  • minimizing time-to-result and measurement costs;
  • significantly simplifying water quality monitoring, especially at remote sites and in disaster zones;
  • enabling rapid response to public health emergencies.

A portable, multi-sample version (Alert LAB) and a fully automated in situ version (Alert System V2) are also available.


ALERT One can be used in a wide variety of contexts to confirm the presence of E. coli, total coliforms, fecal coliforms, and enterococci, as well as to quantify their concentrations in any type of water, including:

  • lakes,
  • reservoirs,
  • rivers,
  • coastal waters,
  • intake sites,
  • water treatment plants,
  • fish and aquaculture farms,
  • agriculture, irrigation water,
  • wastewater re-use and recycling,
  • public and private swimming pools.

Main benefits

  • ALERT One is versatile: it can be used anywhere in the world, including in the most inaccessible areas, to quantify E. coli concentrations in any type of water;
  • ALERT One is autonomous: it can operate through a USB charger or battery pack;
  • ALERT One is easy to use: anyone can be trained in a matter of minutes;
  • ALERT One is portable: as the world's first handheld microbiology analyzer, it can easily be carried in a backpack, is accepted on commercial airplanes, and can even be powered on-the-go from a vehicle;
  • ALERT One is fast and accurate: it can perform bacteria/100ml quantifications in as little as 2 hours, with high accuracy and repeatability, as confirmed by numerous side-by-side tests against approved laboratory methods;
  • ALERT One is recognized and officially approved: it has successfully passed WHO and UNICEF verification under the Joint Monitoring Programme* (report available upon request) and tests by numerous other independent scientific studies.


  • Dimensions: length: 9.1’’ (23,1 cm); diameter: 3.3’’ (8,4 cm)
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs (950 g)
  • Number of measurements: single sample
  • Response time: 2 h to 14 h (depending on concentration)
  • Environmental conditions: 15 °F to 105 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)
  • Parameters: E. coli, total/fecal coliforms, enterococci
  • Measurement range: 2-5 x 105 bacteria/100 ml
  • Communication: USB-C port (no cellular connection or SIM card required)
  • Materials: PVC, silicone, ABS, SST316L
  • Power source: power adapter or battery pack (5V DC 15W, trickle charge)

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