LoLOG Vista+

Robust Stand-Alone Data Logger with Display

The Lolog Vista is a particularly robust and economical data logger, available in versions with one or two measurement channels.

Fully waterproof, submersible and battery-powered, it is designed for portable use for various instrumentation needs: level, pressure, flow, events, counting...

As an option, an LCD screen can be integrated for immediate reading of the measurements during commissioning or inspection visits, without the need for a computer connection.


Like the compact model without a screen (Lolog 450), the Lolog Vista data logger is often used in temporary measurement campaigns for technical studies or performance checks, when a solution with telemetry is not required or possible.

It can also be considered for permanent installations thanks to its very high battery autonomy (several years) and its extended memory capacity (up to 1 million data readings), with periodic reading of the recorded time-stamped data.

Its portability, watertightness and flexibility for the types of signals connected make it ideal for many applications, including:

  • Water pressure monitoring on network points, fire hydrants, etc.
  • Verification of the operation of pressure control valves
  • Monitoring of reserve levels, water tables, rivers, sewerage networks etc.
  • Diagnosis of meters or flowmeters, mono and bidirectional counting
  • Quantification of requests, accounting of volumes and consumptions
  • Network sectorization studies and leakage flow measurements
  • Event detection and recording (overflows, equipment start-ups, etc.)
  • Precipitation measurement with rain gauge (rain, sleet, hail)
  • Calibration of hydraulic network models (availability of versions with 0.1% measurement accuracy)
  • Various combinations (e.g., Pressure+Flow, Level+Overflow)
  • Recording of various measurements from sensors and instruments with 4-20 mA output

A special version of the product is available for use with Hydreka's WinFluid software.

Main benefits

  • Robustness and ease of implementation
  • Optional integrated LCD display available for immediate visualization of measurements
  • Long battery life (about 5 years)
  • Fully sealed to IP68 (submersible) and corrosion protection
  • Flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of applications
  • Availability of models with integrated pressure sensor
  • Flexibility of recording frequencies and modes
  • Built-in handle for easy transport and attachment
  • Programming and local data readout via magnetic socket and infrared reader (no socket connection required)


  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 160 x 108 x 45 mm (6.3 x 4.3 x 1.8 ")
  • Weight: 800 g (may vary depending on model)
  • Die-cast Aluminum Housing
  • Optional 4.5'' LCD screen with choice of the measurements to be displayed: 1 channel display or alternate display of the 2 channels, continuous measurement in real time, last measurement, minimum value of the last 24 hours, totalizer etc.
  • Operating Temperatures: -20°C to +70°C (-5 to +160°F)
  • Powered by user-replaceable internal Lithium battery. Average autonomy of 5 years
  • IP68 waterproof (submersible) and corrosion protection
  • Logging capacity: 64,000 time-stamped data readings (can be increased to 1 million data)
  • Configurable sampling rate, in steps of 1 second, 1 minute or 1 hour (1 to 60 sec, 1 to 60 min, 1 to 24 h)
  • Other recording modes available depending on the application (events, alarms, start/stop)
  • Inputs available according to models (1 or 2 of each type):
    — digital ON/OFF inputs (level floats, rain gauges ...)
    — mono or bi-directional count inputs (up to 64 Hz)
    — analog inputs 4-20mA
    — analog inputs 0-1V, 1-5V, 0-100mV
    — integrated pressure sensors
    — external pressure or level sensors
  • Analog measurement accuracy: 0.2% full scale (0.1% optional)
  • Programming and local data collection via USB cable and Infra-red plug (IDT software included)

Related products

  • Various sensors: Level sensors, Pressure sensors, Sensors etc.
  • In particular, see our very low consumption piezometric sensors on this site (PDCR models)
  • Stand-alone flowmeters that can be associated with Lolog (see in particular the HydrINS2 and TORPEE-MAG insertion flowmeters).
  • Pluviometers, amperometric clamps, etc.
  • USB / Infrared communication cable
  • Associated software:
    — IDT of HWM (standard Lolog version)
    — WinFluid by Hydreka (special Lolog version)
  • Various accessories:
    — Mounting brackets
    — Cables with waterproof connectors for instrument connection
    — Flexible Rilsan tubes with Quick Connect plugs for connection to internal pressure sensors
    — Special adapters with threaded connections, Quick Connect sockets, etc.


LoLOG Vista+
LoLOG Vista+
LoLOG Vista+
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