Pressure and Level Sensors

Pressure and Level Measurements

Scadalliance offers a wide range of pressure sensors to meet a variety of water pressure and hydrostatic level measurement needs.

The models proposed in this section are characterized by their high accuracy, as well as by the possibility of having versions with very low voltage output signals adapted to the constraints of isolated and/or powerless sites (see PDCR range below).


  • Pressure measurements on water distribution networks
  • Level measurements on sewage networks
  • Tank level measurements
  • Borehole level measurements and piezometers
  • Stream level measurements

Main benefits

  • Sturdy by design
  • High metrological reliability
  • Guaranteed watertightness
  • Availability of versions with 25-50-100 mV outputs for stand-alone systems
  • Direct compatibility with several models of data loggers and PLCs


Some of the characteristics below vary according to the model (see details on data sheets)

  • Materials: Titanium or stainless steel 316
  • Polyurethane cable
  • Measuring ranges: 75 mBar (1 psi) to 70 Bar (1000 psi)
  • Absolute and relative pressure measurements
  • Special devices for atmospheric pressure compensation
  • Accuracy:
    — Non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability: +/-0.06% to +/-0.2% FS BSL
    — Temperature compensation range: -2°C to 30°C, -10°C to 50°C
    — Drift in this temperature range: +/- 0.3 % FS, +/- 0.75 % FS
    — Long-term stability: +/-0.1% FS BSL
  • Operating temperatures: -20°C to 60°C, -20°C to 80°C, -55°C to 125°C
  • Sensor diameter: 17.5 mm, 18.4 mm, 25 mm
  • Available cable lengths: 3 m to 1500 m
  • Power supply: 7-30 VDC, 9-32 VDC, 10 VDC
  • Output signals:
    — 4-20 mA (PTX versions)
    — 25 mV, 50 mV, 100 mV (PDCR versions)
  • Certified models for Ex-zones

Related products

  • Various accessories available: Stainless steel weights, Cable pullers, Cable supports, Mounting connections (threaded, Quick Connect), Waterproof data logger connectors, Atmospheric pressure compensation devices, Intrinsic safety barriers
  • Area-Velocity Flowmeters (see MainFLO and Intelligens Flow))
  • Electromagnetic insertion flowmeters (see HydrINS2 and Torpee-Mag)
  • PLCs, Data loggers, Telemetry systems


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PTX 1830
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