Flood Prevention


In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in flooding leading to increasingly severe human and material damage.

Continuous monitoring of watercourses and other water installations, combined with meteorological monitoring, is becoming a requirement for many municipalities and other organizations in charge of public safety; such monitoring will enable a better understanding of the dynamics at play, the prevention of accidents and the implementation of appropriate measures to combat flooding.

To meet these critical challenges Scadalliance offers a set of specialized products, from simple measurement sensors to centralized supervision systems.

Our solutions can be considered on isolated sites without energy, thanks to :

  • the low consumption of our sensors and flowmeters
  • the availability of autonomous battery-powered data loggers
  • the option to power our acquisition and transmission stations with solar panels

They can be associated with cartographic tools (GIS) representing the various instrumented sites (rivers, lakes, dams...) and integrated into existing prevention and warning systems.

  • Monitoring of river levels and flows, with telemetry transmission and alert management
  • Control of video cameras and conversion of images into levels
  • Monitoring of rainfall by autonomous battery-powered data loggers, etc.

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