Product Update Agreement

Updating your products on a regular basis leads to:

  • benefits from latest developments and enriched functionalities,
  • optimizing your daily operations,
  • avoiding obsolescence and costly replacements,
  • ensuring full compatibility with recent hardware and software, 
  • benefits from access to the manufacturer's support via Scadalliance,
  • extending an investment that exceeds the cost of the product alone.

Generally speaking, having the most recent version of a product or software facilitates the operation and evolution of your control systems.

In practice, the update includes different steps carried out by Scadalliance or by your integrator:

  • backup of the existing application and configuration,
  • installation of the new version,
  • operational checks,
  • additional programming (on request) to add new functionalities,
  • tests and validation of proper operation,
  • backup and new programming available,
  • training (on demand) for users on the new features.

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