Equipment Rental

Whether it is a single isolated measurement point or campaigns on several dozen sites, Scadalliance is able to offer its customers "Simple Rental" and "Test before Purchase" options.

In practice, hundreds of products are at your disposal: 

  • Flowmeters: Insertion, Ultrasound transit time, Doppler, Radar, Bubble, etc.
  • Data Loggers: flow, volume, pressure, level, overflows, H2S, etc.
  • Sensors: level, pressure, physico-chemical, overflow detectors, amperometric clamps, etc.
  • Rain gauges
  • Leak prelocators, correlators and acoustic detectors
  • Pressure transient analysers, water hammer analysers
  • Portable, refrigerated samplers
  • Velocimeters
  • Sewer inspection
  • Tracing, pipe detectors, network avoidance

Portable, battery-powered or locally powered solutions
Sensors and flowmeters supplied with calibration certificates
Associated software for configuration, data collection and processing
Solutions with or without associated telemetry
Training and support services

All equipment is cleaned, disinfected, calibrated and compliant before any rental.

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