Intelligent Pressure Modulation System with Bi-Directional Communication

Pegasus+ is a pressure regulating valve (PRV) control system for waterworks, which allows the outlet pressure to be adjusted according to time, demand or a combination of both.

In addition to adjusting pressure on demand, Pegasus+ is able to monitor critical points in the network thanks to its integrated cellular communication and coupling with the central management system DataGate/Pressview.

This optimal management of the pressure in the various zones of the network significantly reduces the risk of leaks and pipe breaks, thus ensuring more reliable, trouble free and economical operation of critical drinking water distribution infrastructures.

Pegasus+ is compatible with the vast majority of commercially available valves and can operate autonomously on battery power, making it possible to use on existing installations without the need for renovation.


Modulation of the distribution pressure of water networks based on demand.

Pegasus+ is particularly important when the network presents critical points (e.g., high points) because it then allows the optimization of the network pressure while ensuring adequate pressures at these critical points.

These critical points are generally equipped with Multilog LX2 type data loggers which communicate with the Pegasus+ system via the DataGate/PressView supervision platform.

Pegasus+ can be used with the vast majority of commercially available control valves, both new and existing. The hydraulic actuator supplied with the controller is simply installed in place of the nut used to set the valve (pilot) output pressure.

Pegasus+ can also be connected to existing flowmeters for control applications on demand or can be implemented with electromagnetic insertion flowmeters (see HydrINS2 and TORPEE-MAG products).

Main benefits

  • Flexibility and adaptability of the solution (implementation in new or existing valve chambers, on all brands of valves)
  • Operational safety:
    — minimum and maximum pressure values mechanically adjusted and locked on the hydraulic actuator of the Pegasus+; avoids any total closure of the valve in case of improper handling by an operator, electronic problems, breakage or freezing of the pipe
    — Incident monitoring (defective sensor, abnormal flow ...) with automatic switch to degraded mode (fail safe function)
    — automatic forcing of maximum opening or closing in extreme or emergency situations (e.g., needs for fire hydrants)
    — Accelerated monitoring and recording of pressure transients
    — integrated alert capabilities
    — traceability of operators' actions
  • Regulation associated with monitoring of critical points in the network
  • Possibility of use on sites without power thanks to long-lasting internal batteries (autonomy of about 5 years)
  • Availability of external battery packs to increase this duration
  • IP68 (submersible), 316 stainless steel connectors
  • Integrated telemetry compatible with the new LTE-M/NBIoT cellular networks that offer:
    — better communication in difficult locations (e.g., underground rooms)
    — reduced energy consumption
  • High level of security of communications, with SMS backup in case of reduced availability on the Data IP channel of the networks.
  • Configurable remotely
  • Recording of upstream and downstream pressure measurements and flow rates



  • Brass hydraulic actuator (different models according to valve type)
  • Assembly kit, including all pipes, fittings and valves required for installation
  • 2 cases:
    — Control Box: controller, recorder and transmitter
    — Solenoid Box: solenoid valves
  • Dimensions of each case (H x W x D): 315 x 153 x 87 mm
  • Weight: 2 x 3.5 kg
  • Cast aluminum alloy housings
  • Operating Temperatures: -20°C to +60°C
  • IP68 waterproof (submersible)


  • Powered by internal Lithium-Thionyl Chloride batteries
  • Average autonomy of 5 years
  • Availability of external battery packs to increase duration


  • Two digital inputs (states, pulses)
  • Two analog inputs (and optional 3rd), as required:
    — Internal pressure sensors (20 Bar/290 psi or 10 Bar/145 psi), accuracy ±0.1%.
    — external pressure sensors, with current or voltage signal
    — other sensors
  • Three solenoid outputs:
    — 1 forced output to open or close the upper chamber of the valve
    — 2 pulsed outputs (up/down control)
    — maxi 2500 maneuvers per day


  • Modulation according to the time:
    — up to 96 points, with extrapolation between points
    — Separate programming for each of the 7 days of the week, or for weekdays and weekends.
    — possibility of taking into account special days (events)
    — automatic management of Summer/Wintertime changes
  • Modulation according to demand:
    — based on the signal of a flow meter (conversion table of 96 points flow/pressure with linear extrapolation between points)
  • Fail safe function:
    — automatic fallback mode in case of sensor failure, abnormal flow etc...
    — type of folding action on the forcing solenoid configurable
    — possibility to switch from modulation according to demand to modulation according to schedule
    — Possibility of passage in constant pressure


  • Monitoring data recorded at configurable frequency (1 sec to 24 h): upstream pressure, downstream pressure, flow rate
  • Capacity of 180,000 data readings: instantaneous, average, minimum and maximum values
  • Possibility to record pressure transients
  • Alarm recording


  • Serial port for local communication (IDT software)
  • Integrated cellular modem LTE-M/NBIoT
  • Data and alarm transmission in Data IP and backup via SMS
  • Alerts on fault states, abnormal values or profiles
  • Programmable and remotely operable from the DataGate/PressView platform

Related products

  • DataGate/PressView Software
  • Various pressure sensors
  • Electromagnetic insertion flowmeters HydrINS2 and TORPEE-MAG
  • Stand-alone pressure loggers for critical points in the network (see products Multilog LX, ComLog, Multilog 2...)
  • Cellular antennas: different models and lengths of cables available according to your needs (manhole antennas, buried antennas, external antennas on walls or poles...)


Pegasus Plus Control Box
Pegasus Plus Solenoid Box
Pegasus Plus - Standart installation
Pegasus Plus - Installation standart 90m+++
Pegasus Plus - Installation du solénoïde de verrouillage (basse pression inaccessible)
Pegasus Plus - Installation du solénoïde de verrouillage (basse pression inaccessible)(90m+)
Pegasus Plus - Installation du solénoïde de verrouillage (haute pression inaccessible)
Pegasus Plus - Installation du solénoïde de verrouillage (haute pression inaccessible)(90m+)
Pegasus Plus - Installation standard
Pegasus Plus - installed
Pegasus Plus screen
Pegasus Plus screen
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