Data Hosting

The data hosting service enables the acquisition and processing of data to be outsourced, fully or partially, for installations with automatic telemetry data collection.

The supervision software is then installed on a computer system managed and maintained by SCADALLIANCE or a partner company. This company could be a service provider selected by the customer.

In practice, the operators authorized by the customer have remote access to the different functions of the software, through secured procedures and according to the level of responsibility of each operator.

Hosting mode can offer:

  1. Monitoring of telemetry systems, acquisition and transfer of raw monitoring data:
    This basic service enables customers to use their monitoring data by themselves, while freeing them from the technical aspects related to communications and the proper functioning of equipment in the field.

  2. Complete supervision of the equipment and facility tracking system, with Internet access:
    This level of service allows the client to completely offload the chain of data acquisition, processing, presentation and archiving.

In addition to Internet access of the complete monitoring of the equipment (alarms, reports, graphs, etc.), the system can offer additional services such as:

  • dissemination of critical alarms to the intervention services;
  • dissemination of monitoring data to authorized responders.

The main softwares offered by Scadalliance in hosting mode are:

  • Topkapi Vision (Areal),
  • Webfluid (Hydreka),
  • Datagate/HWM Online (HWM),
  • Trimble Unity (Trimble)
  • Talk2M (eWON/HMS).

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