Hydreka Rain Gauges

Hydreka's PL2 range of rain gauges are designed for the automatic measurement of rain, melted snow or hail.

The instrument is based on a tipping bucket technology calibrated for different quantities of precipitation; the output signal generated by the rain gauge when the full bucket tips can be connected to an acquisition system, stand-alone data logger or traditional PLC, which ensures the logging and calculation of precipitation volumes.

Robust and easy to use, the PL2 is available with 2 opening areas (200 and 400 cm2) and for 4 bucket tipping frequencies (0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.254 mm and 0.5 mm).

It can be supplied with a heating option to maintain operation during winter.


  • Standard meteorological monitoring, Flood prevention, Climatological studies, etc.
  • Diagnosis of sewerage networks within the framework of flow measurement campaigns
  • Data collection of rain and snowmelt periods for the analysis of wastewater overflow events
  • Stormwater intrusion monitoring in sewer systems
  • Monitoring of leachate production and groundwater contamination risks
  • Follow-up studies of source water quality (evolution of turbidity...)
  • Support for agricultural operations

Main benefits

  • Robust design
  • Flexible and modular solution
  • Accuracy, sensitivity
  • Coupling to a data logger makes it possible to measure the evolution of the precipitation intensity over time in addition to the simple volume measurements.
  • Possibility of integration into an intelligent measurement chain combining stand-alone battery data loggers and Hydreka's management tools, for example in a sewerage network:
    — Rain gauge, with volume measurement and alarm management
    — Water level sensor, with flow calculation integrated in the data logger
    — Sampler, controlled directly by the data logger on configurable thresholds


  • Technology: tipping buckets (2 compartments) generating a pulse at each filling
  • Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 240 mm (9.4'') x 340 mm (13.4'')
  • Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Materials:
    — shell, funnel and rings: aluminum alloy
    — joints and fittings: silicone rubber
  • Integrated spirit level for horizontal positioning
  • Operating Temperatures:
    — +1 to +85°C (standard version)
    — -20°C to +85°C (version with heating)
  • 2 Available opening areas: 200 cm2 and 400 cm2
  • 4 Counting sensitivities (bucket tipping frequencies) available:
    — 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.5 mm
    — special version 0.254 mm (for Sigma 950)
  • Accuracy: ±1% at 1 l/h. Adjustment possible by calibration screw.
  • Output signal: Dry contact
  • Specifications of the version with heating:
    — Integrated adjustable control thermostat (measuring range: -20°C to +40°C)
    — 24 VAC power supply
    — Consumption

Related products

  • Accessories:
    — Support with stainless steel 304 plate and post (0.65 m/25.6'')
    — Anti-bird spikes
  • Stand-alone data loggers and PLCs (with or without telemetry)
  • Cables with waterproof connectors for connection to data loggers
  • Samplers
  • WinFluid software



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