ChronoFLO Mini

Ultrasonic Transit Time Flowmeter

The ChronoFLO Mini is a fast and easy to use ultrasonic flowmeter, housed in a compact and lightweight carrying case containing a complete equipment kit.


  • Verification of existing meters and flow meters
  • Sectorization and leak detection
  • Volume quantification
  • Network diagnosis
  • Instrument calibration/calibration of pumps
  • Backup equipment in case of flowmeter breakage

Main benefits

  • Non-intrusive installation, simple and fast, without shutting down the process or requiring civil engineering works
  • Large range of pipe diameters (15mm/0.6" to 3m/118")
  • Compatible with many fluids and materials
  • Robust and waterproof (IP67/IP68)
  • Can be used on sites with or without power, for temporary or permanent measurements
  • Possible connection to control and telemetry systems
  • Repair, maintenance and calibration available in Quebec


  • 3 sensor models according to diameter range (1 MHz/4 MHz/0.5 MHz)
  • Can be used on all pipes made of homogeneous and sound-conducting material
  • Bidirectional measurement, up to 25 m/sec.
  • Accuracy: +/-1 to 2% (without calibration); +/-0.5% (with calibration)
  • Possible measurement up to 20% TSS
  • 1 output 4-20mA (Flow) and 1 relay output (Totalizer, Alarm)
  • Ergonomic LCD screen and keyboard
  • Internal or external power supply (battery or 120V charger socket)
  • Battery autonomy of 25 h (continuous measurement) to 3 weeks (1 measurement / min)
  • Logging capacity of 416 900 data readings, transferable via USB/Serial communication
  • Central unit dimensions: 182 x 115 x 34 mm

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