Flumes and Weirs

Flow Measurement by Flumes and Weirs

Scadalliance's range of level sensors and specialized data loggers allow for the creation of flexible solutions for flow measurement in open channels, flumes or weirs (Parshall, Palmer-Bowlus, Venturi, triangular or rectangular weirs...).

From simple local flowmeters and data loggers to communicating systems, powered by batteries or external power, the proposed solutions can be adapted to the vast majority of configurations and needs.


All open channels equipped with a flume structure, regardless of the opening, for various flow measurement applications:

  • Entrance/exit of purification plant
  • Sewerage or rainwater networks
  • Storm overflows
  • Watercourses, rivers
  • Irrigation channels

Main benefits

  • Choice of level measurement sensors (piezo, ultrasonic, radar, bubble)
  • Choice of computer-data loggers, battery or externally powered, for local or telemetry operation (HWM recorders, REDY PLCs, Flexy telemetry units)
  • Possibility of connection to existing control systems or SCADA systems, by analog signals or digital communication
  • Integration of standards (ISO) and possibility of freely configurable Height/Flow tables (depending on products)
  • Availability of reports directly produced by the computer-data logger, with local reading or transmission by telemetry (depending on products).
  • Possibility of alerts in case of malfunction (sensor failure, measurement error) or exceeding of level and/or flow threshold values (depending on products)
  • Possibility to use the same computer-data logger for other monitoring or control needs


  • See our range of level sensors in the Products section
  • See our range of computer-data logger in the Products section: HWM data loggers, REDY PLCs, Flexy telemetry units.

Related products

  • Overflow shutters, flumes... (please contact us)
  • Velocimeters for verification and calibration
  • Possibility of customized pre-assembled boxes with computer-data logger, touch screens, telemetry...

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