HPR 31

The Intelligence of your Hydrants

The HPR range of pressure recorders provides a very simple solution for the monitoring of distribution pressures on water networks and the diagnosis of anomalies (abnormal drops or rises, water hammer, etc.)

The HPR31 and HPR31i models are the most economical entry-level models, with manual data collection.

See models HPR32A and HPR32iA for more advanced solutions with extended performance and integrated telemetry.


  • Monitoring of distribution pressures
  • Identification of abnormal pressure transients (HPR31i)
  • Checking flows and capacities
  • Fire safety guarantee
  • Validation of hydraulic models
  • Citizen pressure tests (sprinkler system adapter)

Main benefits

  • Very simple installation on hydrant or sprinkler valve
  • Discreet and secure integration into the hydrant
  • Simultaneous measurements at several network terminals
  • Recording of measurements with time and date stamps
  • Can be coupled with other data loggers installed on the pipes
  • Fewer staff required for measurement campaigns
  • Associated software for data processing and analysis
  • Accessories available for easy testing of fire hydrant capacity/flow rates


  • Models HPR31 (standard) and HPR31i (with rapid measurements of transients, water hammer...)
  • Battery Powered (1 to 5 years, depending on the setup)
  • RS232 serial communication
  • Ranges 0/100 psi, 0/200 psi, 0/300 psi (HPR31)
  • Ranges -15/100 psi, -15/200 psi, -15/300 psi (HPR31i)
  • NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 certified
  • Programmable sampling rate:
    — 4/sec to 8 hours (HPR31)
    — 20/sec at 8 hours (HPR31i)
  • Programmable recording frequency between 1/sec and 8 hours
  • Base capacity: 80,000 data readings (Min, Average, Max values)
  • Transient capacity (HPR31i): 250 events, 3 hours of data before/after transients
  • Transient events detected on configurable threshold values (rate of change of pressure, positive or negative)
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.25% of full scale
  • Resolution: 0.025% full scale

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