Benefits of New Remote Management Solutions

Benefits of New Remote Management Solutions

Remote Management refers to solutions that combine the various components of an advanced remote-control system:

  • Monitoring of operation by various sensors and meters, publishing of reports and performance indicators (Telemetry)
  • Detection of anomalies or deviations in operation, diagnostic assistance and alerting of operators (Remote Alarm, Remote Maintenance)
  • Optimal control and adjustment of control equipment (Telecontrol).

Remote management provides an ideal response to the requirements of operators regarding the performance and operating safety of their infrastructures and technical equipment.

Driven by the technical progress in the last few years, the specialized remote management products available on the market today offer several advantages over the more traditional solutions:

  • Ability to integrate with existing systems (PLCs, data loggers, SCADA software, Cloud platforms, CMMS, GIS...), which:
    — Allows to keep the existing equipment when their replacement is not justified,
    — Allows users to select the products that best meet their requirements.

  • Availability of different communication options (fiber optic, cellular, WiFi, LoRaWAN...); mixing and redundancy are possible according to the constraints of each site.

  • No loss of critical data in the event of a communication link interruption or central computer system malfunction, thanks to:
    — the long-term storage capacity of the control and telemetry equipment,
    — the ability of the central supervision platforms to receive and process time-stamped data files from the control and telemetry equipment when communication is restored.

  • Specialized processing and control functions ensuring robustness and ease of implementation by the integrators.

  • Powerful and flexible supervision tools:
    — Availability of alerting and reporting capabilities in the SCADA software or Cloud platform in addition to the traditional control and monitoring tools (HMIs), significantly simplifying the implementation and maintenance of the core telemetry network system,
    — Compatibility with high-value processing software such as those dedicated to predictive maintenance.

  • Availability of equipment offering several years of battery life, allowing the equipment to operate on sites without power.

  • Free programming tools for control and telemetry equipment, as well as their updates, making it more accessible for the integrators to work on these products for future support and system evolution needs.


  • REDY All-in-One remote management controllers
  • FLEXY multi-connectivity industrial routers
  • Ranges of stand-alone communicating data loggers
  • TOPKAPI VISION supervision and remote management software
  • Cloud platforms from our manufacturing partners
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