Multi-Alarm Digital Float Sensor

The SpillSens product is a digital float level sensor specifically designed to act as an early warning system for blockages and overflow risks in manholes.

As a robust and economical product, it uses innovative technology to detect different tilt angles and thus manage progressive levels of alert.

SpillSens is certified for use in potentially explosive areas.

It is compatible with various data logger models, including the IS Log product, for alarm transmission and supervision from a centralized platform.


  • Prevention of the risk of blockages and overflows in sewer systems
  • Monitoring of critical level thresholds, with early warning capability

Main benefits

  • Robust design
  • No moving parts, unlike traditional steel ball and microswitches
  • Quick installation by a single technician, no confined space entry, thanks to the optional adjustable support
  • ATEX/IECEx certification for potentially explosive areas (Class I / Zone 0)
  • Dedicated supervision platform Spill Guard


  • Dimensions (Height x Diameter): 108 x 72.5 mm
  • Weight: 130 g (without cable)
  • Operating Temperatures: -20°C to +60°C (-5 to 140oF)
  • IP68 tightness level
  • Anti-shock protection
  • Cable length options: 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m (others, please contact us
  • Certification ATEX/IECEx Class I / Zone 0
  • Powered by connected data logger (IS Log, Intelligens, etc.)
  • Three levels of alert based on the angle of the sensor:
    — vertical: 'Rest' position, normal state of the site
    — tilting movement: 'Alert' position
    — tilting angle greater than 110 deg: 'Critical Alert' position
  • Operates on DataGate, Spill Guard and SCADA software platforms
  • Functions of the dedicated SpillGuard application accessible via Internet browser:
    — Location of sites on maps (based on Google Maps)
    — Colors indicating the status of each site (Green / Orange / Red)
    — Monitoring reports (statistics, trends)
    — Integration of rainfall data
    — Option to interrupt the monitoring (e.g., in case of heavy rainfall)
    — Site information and operation comments
    — Operator Alert (SMS/Text messages, emails)

Related products

  • Installation brackets and accessories: Adjustable stainless-steel bars, ballasts, etc.
  • Compatible data loggers: IS Log, Intelligens...
  • Associated software, in Cloud Hosting mode or installed on your own network:
    — Spill Guard
    — DataGate
    — TopKapi Vision

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