Ultrasonic Transit Time Flowmeter

The ChronoFLO2 is a new generation high-end ultrasonic flowmeter which, thanks to the quality of its sensors and powerful signal processing algorithms, pushes the limits of traditional ultrasonic flowmeters.


  • Verification of existing meters and flow meters
  • Sectorization and leak detection
  • Volume quantification
  • Diagnosis of networks (drinking water, wastewater, industrial fluids, etc.)
  • Instrument calibration/calibration of pumps
  • Backup equipment in case of flowmeter breakage

Main benefits

  • Non-intrusive installation, simple and fast, without shutting down the process or requiring civil engineering works
  • Large range of pipe diameters (12mm/0.5" to 3.2m/125")
  • Compatible with many fluids and materials
  • No contact with the fluid, no risk of contamination
  • High precision, even at low velocities
  • Reduced sensitivity to sources of flow disturbance
  • Possibility of double set of sensors
  • Robust and waterproof (IP67/IP68)
  • Can be used on sites with or without power, for temporary or permanent measurements
  • Possible connection to control and telemetry systems
  • Repair, maintenance and calibration services offered in Quebec


  • 4 sensor models according to diameter range and temperature (1 MHz/2 MHz/0.5 MHz/0.5 MHz HP)
  • Possibility to connect 2 sets of sensors (simultaneous measurements on two pipes, or on the same pipe for improved accuracy)
  • Can be used on all pipes made of homogeneous and sound-conducting material
  • Bidirectional measurement, up to 25 m/sec.
  • Accuracy: up to +/-0.5% depending on application and number of sensors
  • Measurement of up to 20 g/l of TSS possible
  • 2 4-20 mA inputs (active or passive) for connection of flowmeter to be verified, pressure sensors, temperature...
  • 2 pulse outputs for alarms, equipment control or connection to a control system.
  • 5.7'' color graphic LCD screen and ergonomic keyboard
  • Internal or external power supply (battery or 120V charger socket)
  • Battery autonomy of 140 h (continuous measurement) to 1 month (1 measurement / 5 min)
  • Logging capacity of 1 million data readings, transferable via USB key
  • Housed in a waterproof and sturdy case
  • Central unit dimensions: 290 x 245 x 120 mm

Related products

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  • Sensor mounting rails and straps
  • Programming and data processing software (WinFluid)
  • Various communication and connection cables
  • PLCs, Data loggers, Telemetry systems



ChronoFlo 2, on the field
ChronoFlo 2, on the field
ChronoFlo 2, on the field
ChronoFlo 2, on the field
ChronoFlo 2, on the field
ChronoFlo 2, on the field
ChronoFlo 2, on the field
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