Come and discover our new offers in instrumentation and telemetry at Booth 715 of the Salon 2022 des Technologies environnementales du Québec of Réseau Environnement (STEQ 2022) on May 17 and 18, 2022 at the Quebec City Convention Center.

Our new products:

  • LDI's ROW, a non-contact, real-time oil spill detector on the water surface
  • Fluidion samplers, microbiological analyzers and drones, autonomous and remotely controllable
  • NKE Instrumentation's multiparameter physical-chemical probes, with wireless communication
  • Aqua Data's Fluvia and FloStick electromagnetic velocimeters
  • InfoSense's SL-RAT, for cost-effective acoustic inspection of sewer systems
  • HMS Anybus Wireless Bolt for wireless multi-network connectivity

and the latest versions of our flagship products:

  • Flow meters: HydrIns, Torpee-Mag, Raven-Eye, Phoenix, MainFLO, etc.
  • Wireless HPR data loggers for standpipes
  • Recorders and automatons adapted to new networks (LTE-M/NBIoT, LoRaWAN)
  • Routers and PLCs : Cosy, Flexy and Redy
  • Topkapi supervision software and Cloud platforms.