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SCADALLIANCE is a Canadian import and distribution company specializing in Instrumentation, Telemetry and Remote management of technical installations. The company holds a unique position in the market due to the specialty and the range of solutions it is able to offer clients.

Based on an original catalogue of Hardware and Software products - sensors, flowmeters, dataloggers, controllers, RTUs, supervisory software – these specialized and innovative solutions offer numerous advantages comparatively to traditional Telemetry and SCADA solutions:

  • Greater flexibility & adaptability to changing needs
  • Various, single or combined communication options
  • Wide & unique range of connectivity possibilities
  • Easier & quicker engineering for integrators
  • Ease of use & better autonomy for operators
  • Sturdiness & superior reliability
  • Additional services in information processing

These advantages result in quantifiable financial gains, with respect to initial investment in smart control and SCADA systems, as well as on-going operation and maintenance costs, irrespective of whether the project is large or small.

SCADALLIANCE brings its extensive knowledge and experience to system integrators and their clients, to build with them the Remote Management solution from a range of choices, which best fits their needs and budget.

Main Fields of specialty

  • Drinking and waste water infrastructures
  • Environmental Control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Remote maintenance of industrial equipment

Some of our Solutions

  • Sectorization/DMA of water distribution networks
  • Overflow sewage monitoring
  • Telemetry of pumping stations
  • Monitoring of river levels and flood prevention
  • Monitoring and metering of industrial discharge
  • Telecontrol and preventive maintenance of generators

Our manufacturer partners

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Montreal office

6855 Avenue de l’Épée, suite 303 • Montréal (Québec) H3N 2C7
Tel : (514) 448-4422 • Fax : (514) 228-3900)

RBQ Licence : 5689-7390-01



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